Dr Harshit Ravindra Kapadia

Founder & Chief Metaphysics Consultant

With an impressive reputation in the field, Dr Kapadia and his team have consulted on various projects in different segments covering industrial projects, commercial, residential and retail spaces, and open land.

He shares his extensive knowledge through conducting workshops & live events besides being frequently invited as a guest speaker by various organizations. Dr Kapadia is a domain specialist focused on various topics related to Metaphysics Science, channeling Vastu for Space as well as Vastu for Consciousness. What sets him apart in this specific field is his unique approach to this traditional sphere, and his remarkable ability to adapt what is a rather conventional type of study and make it suitable for us to comprehend and apply in our modern lives.

A direct descendant of the family of ‘Rajvaidyas’, Dr Kapadia holds a Ph.D. and has studied Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. From his youth, Dr Kapadia continues to be fascinated by nature, energy, and designing, which has led him to extensively study and conduct deep research in ‘Traditional Vastu’ and ‘PyraVastu’.

Dr Kapadia has taken specialized training from Professor Dr Jiten Bhatt in the subject of PyraVastu. He has been a source of inspiration since Dr Kapadia's childhood days. Master Kajal Sheth (World Renowned Master and Founder of Imperial School of Feng Shui, U.K.) has been his teacher since 1996.

Under the auspices of Master Kajal Sheth, he has graduated in Chue Style Feng Shui which includes ‘Yuen Hom’ and ‘Sam Hap Style’ from Imperial School of Feng Shui, U.K., and is also qualified in advance Yuen Hom and 6 Kinship Hexagram I Ching.

In addition, Dr Kapadia has studied City Planning Course from Edinburgh, U.K. with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah (Founder of The Chue Foundation). Starting out as one of the youngest practitioners, he has gone on to undertake large projects in various sectors successfully.

His columns have been featured in various leading publications. He conducts workshops, seminars and has also been invited as a guest speaker by various organizations. He has regular interactions with leading architects and consultants around the world for research and development of realistic techniques to develop salutary procedures.

Dr Kapadia has also authored a book on Basic Feng Shui. This book imparts knowledge to explore the simple techniques of Feng Shui which helps in accomplishing peace, love, harmony, prosperity and good health.

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Meet the Team

A famous proverb says that 'Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships.' Various projects need different types of involvement. We have a trained team dedicated to energy scanning, project implementations, execution and supervision of the changes that we recommend based on our assessment, analysis and research. Our team works together with one common goal of achieving client satisfaction. The team divides the work to multiply the success of a project. Meet our principal members:




Devanshi Kapadia

Trained in Vastu and Feng Shui, Devanshi has assisted Dr Kapadia in several projects and is the very backbone of the entire operation. She is an MBA graduate from Hyderabad, a Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner certified from London, UK and is trained to work with Energy Circles, Switchwords and Healing Codes to assist people in achieving Emotional Wellbeing.

She is deeply involved in studying occult sciences, alternative medicine, and is passionate about designing, art and landscaping. She regularly conducts courses in Home Management and Art Creation.

Dr Chandrasingh Ashar

Specialized in Dowsing and Teletherapy, Dr Ashar practices progressive relaxation for corporate employees and students. With a Bachelor’s degree in Alternative medicine from Mumbai University, he's also adept in Pynergy & Geoscanning. Trained in ‘Chue Style Feng Shui’ from The Imperial School of Feng Shui, U.K., under Master Kajal Sheth, he's also trained in advanced Yuen Hom and 6 Kinship Hexagram I Ching – 1 in City Planning course from Edinburgh, U.K. with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah.

Dr Ashar


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