In keeping with the image of the organization, we assist with the planning and revamp of offices, executive residences, and company guest houses.


A balanced and harmonious flow of energy in office helps in creating a great working atmosphere. Due to high work pressure in offices it becomes a requirement and is of utmost importance to control the mind and the emotions, which affect the quality of work and output. Directions, shapes, designs, elements, colours, light and air have a major role in the stable flow of energy. Colours can have a profound effect on the psychology of humans and this is especially true in the workspace.

The right hues can help calm and focus the emotions and mind while working. One has to do more than simply choose a pleasant shade, if it is too pale, it will be visually bland whereas if it is too bright, it will create dissonance and be distracting. Thus colour needs to used correctly, considering its suitable directions, and other permutations and combinations.

Keeping efficiency and high standards in mind we work in collaboration with architects and interior designers to achieve the best aesthetics as well as energy flow. Being healthy allows both mind and body to function better, quicker and more creatively.

1. Selecting a new office/branch office

Each business is unique and requires different types of elements. Our team is specialised in understanding your business needs and requirements. Once the office selection is done, we plan a joint meeting with architects and interior designers to mutually discuss layout options. Our team provides zoning of office space and guidelines to the designers, upon which the layout is prepared and executed.

  • Direction and location of main entry and exit
  • Elevation of office building / front facade
  • Furniture placement
  • Doors and windows
  • Identifying strong areas for cabins, board rooms, conference rooms
  • Locations of cabins and workstations
  • Energising weak areas with practical corrections
  • Ceiling designs, lighting and accessories
  • Landscaping (indoor / outdoor)

2. Improving the functionality of existing office spaces

Compass readings and energy scanning is carried out in existing office space and various calculations are done to determine strong, medium and weak areas. We provide practical solutions to balance the energy flow.

Executive Residences

In order to perform well, you need to be well and for this, your house energies need to be great.

Consultation of your home would be beneficial if you are looking to improve your health, relationships, experience less fatigue, and enjoy more restful and refreshing sleep.

The main areas of consideration for executive residences are:

  • Shape and size of the house
  • External elevations and interiors of property with aesthetic harmony
  • Using shapes and forms for interior designing that are practical and with an architect-friendly approach
  • Colour selection for rooms, upholstery, curtains, etc.
  • Locations of the front door
  • Location of the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, garage, etc.
  • Location of toilets
  • Orientation of the beds
  • Determining strong areas for study
  • Locations and shape of swimming pools

Guest Houses

Good energy levels are required in premises used as guest houses for providing a more restful and refreshing atmosphere for its user. This in turn improves the occupant’s efficiency at work resulting in higher productivity.


We create harmonious spaces that enhance your productivity & prosperity: at home, work or play.