Like PyraVastu, Feng Shui too is a study and analysis of the movement of energy. Energy is invisible but it exists and is the life force that powers all actions. From the internal workings of a body to the dynamics of a property, it influences everything much like nature does, where rivers follow the patterns of the landscape.

Have you ever had an experience where you walked into a house or a building and instantly liked or disliked the way it felt? This has little to do with the decor or style of the house and much more to do with the positive or negative vibrations of the property. People often claim that moving into a new space sees a change in their fortunes, either for the better or otherwise.

Chue Style Feng Shui

Developed by Great Grand Master Chue Yen, this style is also well known as Imperial Feng Shui. One of the most advanced, complex and authentic styles of Feng Shui, its practitioners are very well-versed in various methods like Yuen Hom, Sam Hap, City Planning, Study of Form, Study of Compass, Ba-Zi and I Ching. These are used as analytical tools to obtain a precise diagnostic of any project and offer practical recommendations to the clients to make spaces more welcoming, efficient and stress free.

Yuen Hom Feng Shui

A very powerful and advanced style of Feng Shui, it is practiced by only a handful of Masters and their pupils. Designed using several mathematical, scientific and elemental calculations, this system has millions of principle influences.

Once reserved exclusively for emperors, it is now widely accepted and used for large corporations but can only be learned from a Master. It relates to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, and uses a lot of symbolic representation of shapes, colours and directions, to assess and interpret the interplay of the elements in a particular area.

A specialized compass called the Lo-Pan is used to accurately measure the direction and to assess the quality of energy present in various parts of the property. This dictates the the position of doors, windows, furniture, fixtures, orientation of the building, plants, colour scheme, etc. This style is known for being extremely versatile and practical to implement.

Sam Hap

This style of Feng Shui is used to determine the position of roads, gates, driveways, doors and water bodies. This style divides a property into 24 sectors rather than the usual 8 or 9 and is therefore well suited to larger premises.



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