We offer guidance in the planning of new industries, expansion in existing facilities, improving energy levels in existing setup and energizing sick units.

1. Planning New Industries

Vastu and Feng Shui helps in managing the flow of energy in the right direction. Therefore, considering these principles from day one of planning, helps in optimizing layouts. Creating a master plan is very important while planning for a new project, whether it is a large or small industry. This is especially effective when conducted in collaboration with architects and engineering consultants.

Various aspects to be considered while planning:

  • Selection of plot
  • Plot contour
  • Planning of various buildings
  • Compass orientation and precise alignment of the buildings
  • Entry and exits
  • Roof slope and building elevation
  • Machinery layout and material movement
  • Placement and positioning of offices, utilities, water tanks, STP, solar panels, etc.
  • Company name, logo design

2. Expansion in Existing Facilities

Many industries have a lot of technical challenges and energy complexities due to incorrect Vastu and Feng Shui of the premises. While planning expansion in existing facilities, detailed principles need to be considered to bring in equilibrium, which in turn improves energy levels and efficiency.

The time, type and direction of expansion are important factors to be considered as these have a major influence on the existing setup.

  • Understanding existing setup
  • New building layouts
  • New machinery layout and material movement
  • Layout of warehouses
  • New office positions and furniture orientations
  • Favourable directions for expansions

3. Improving Energy Levels in Existing Setup

Do your employees feel lethargic? Do you have machine breakdowns? Do you face quality issues? Is there optimum efficiency in your working environment? Does your team need inspiration? Answers to the above questions are generally affirmative for those who haven't followed energy principles.

We have developed unique techniques to bring in balance in energy flow:

  • Scanning of existing energy flow
  • Fault finding and diagnostics
  • Providing practical solutions and remedial measures without structural demolitions, keeping economics in mind
  • We assist the architects in selecting appropriate colours and designs in all spheres of your premises

4. Energizing Sick Units

Under-performing or sick units have a major Vastu and Feng Shui drawback. They need corrections from various angles in phases. For such properties, detailing is done for the structure, external surroundings, machinery layouts, office blocks, etc. Remedial measures are mutually discussed with the clients and implemented systematically.

  • Identifying the causes of under-performance
  • Computing detailed report
  • Phased format solutions
  • Every property, big or small has its own potential. Uplifting energy levels in these premises helps in creating a positive and vital work atmosphere


We create harmonious spaces that enhance your productivity & prosperity: at home, work or play.