Working in conjunction with developers and investors, we guide the planning of towns, airports, solar farm and wind farm projects, ports, power plants and refineries.

  1. Town planning

With specialized, extensive and practical training in City Planning System, in the beautiful city of Edinburg by our Grand Master, we have acquired special skills to formulate various calculations for town planning. We use specialized gadgets and a unique compass to take detailed readings of the site to work out our recommendations.

Generally, in town planning technical, economical, administrative and architectural views are considered. By adding Vastu and Feng Shui principles for planning the town or township it enhances the look and feel of the place and creates a better atmosphere for the dwellers to live in. It is significant to treat this activity systemically from all viewpoints like engineering, architectural, landscaping. Vastu and Feng Shui gives a direction to all of these by adhering to its aesthetics, locations, water bodies or water lines, infrastructure and other facilities.

Major points considered in town planning:

  • Planning of infrastructure
  • Transit facilities
  • Location of water bodies like water tanks, reservoirs, ponds, drainage systems and water treatment plants
  • Land contours and landscaping
  • Commercial and residential building suggestions
  1.  Airport

Airports are very important buildings as they serve a dual purpose of being efficient as well as welcoming, working at the practical and emotional levels for ease of use by people of various demographic backgrounds. A welcoming, efficient and stress-free atmosphere can play a key role in forming opinions about the city for national and international passengers. From Vastu and Feng Shui point of view, using earth energies, tapping into correct locations and using the desired forms and colours can ensure a very positive and welcoming feeling. The involvement of consultants can play a key role in ensuring success. 

  1. Solar and Wind Farm Projects


  • Selection of plot
  • Placement of invertors and transformers
  • Grid connection location
  • Placement of turbine / solar panels
  • Entry and exit
  • Road connectivity and internal road
  1. Ports

Port, a major form of import and export trade plays a very important role on country’s economic development. Coastal areas with port facilities are not only centres of trade but they also become major landmarks. Seaway transportation is the cheapest and most effective transportation system compared to other means. Industries require good port facilities for shipping their finished material and also import their raw material. Port is a mediator between the sea and the land. Sea corresponds to water energies and land corresponds to earth energies. These are two very important elements of nature among the cycle of five elements of Vastu and Feng Shui. Having optimum energy flow at the port is essential. We use various systems to analyse and implement corrective measures at the ports.

  1. Power Plant and Refineries
  • Plot shape and its corrections
  • Turbine position
  • Chimney positions
  • Cooling towers
  • Oil tanks
  • Office detailing


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