Jet Airways GlobalLinker – June 9, 2018

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Minimise the harmful effects of electronic gadgets in your home & workplace

Radiation by certain electronic gadgets can add to stress levels and affect the mood of people in the home or workplace. Extensive use of these electronic gadgets creates disturbance in energies, adds to electromagnetic radiation, can hamper concentration levels and lead to stress.

Television – the energy disruptor

Television affects our subconscious mind, which is the source of thoughts and behaviour. On TV people often watch things depicting aggression, violence or struggle. Watching television for too long a time can cause physiological changes. Most of these effects occur irrespective of the type of programmes that people watch. Screens are becoming bigger day by day. Larger screens leads to more radiation. In most homes, the TV is kept in the bedroom. Although TV can be a good source of information, from a Vastu and Feng Shui perspective, it is an object of energy disturbance, especially when placed in the bedroom or near the dining table.

Tips to minimise harmful effects of gadgets

1. Avoid television in the bedroom. In many apartments, bedroom sizes are quite small and people tend to prefer bigger screens. TV in the bedroom works as a sleep disruption agent. When the TV is kept in the bedroom, many people feel lethargic and drained out in the morning when they wake up. Whether it is on or not, it continues to draw out your energy. TV in bedrooms can affect the quality of sleep. Many people have a habit to keep the TV on throughout the night even while they are sleeping. This disturbs energy level even further.

2. In case you really need a TV in the bedroom, here are a few tips that you may follow:

– To minimise the impact of radiation, keep the TV in a wooden cabinet with doors and close it before you sleep
– As an alternative, cover television with white fabric while sleeping. Avoid plastic covers.
– Generally, people switch off the television with remote and the small LED light is always on. it is strongly recommended to switch off the TV and plug it off especially while sleeping.
– Televisions kept in bedrooms must be switched off at least one hour prior to sleep.

3. Avoid watching television while having meals. Eating in front of the television not only impacts presence of mind, but also takes away from the pleasure of eating. The mind gets so engrossed in watching television that people don’t even realise what they have eaten. Food is consumed for filling up the stomach, but it is also important to satisfy the mind and the tongue. If the mind is busy watching TV, it remains dissatisfied thus leading to more food cravings. The food that we eat has the potential to absorb vibrations. Many people watch violent or disharmonious programmes or movies which impact the brain. This is one of the major cause for increase in disharmony, detachment, agitation, aggression and lack of concentration. For improving harmony and relationships, it is important to avoid watching television while having meals, instead, you can play light music if you wish.

4. Avoid keeping a TV very close to the front entrance. It should not be the first thing that is visible when you enter the house. Shift the TV to a different corner, cover it, or put it in a cabinet with doors.

5. Avoid TV in the children’s bedroom. Children under the age of two should not watch TV or any form of screen entertainment at all, because it can adversely affect early brain development. Children who watch television for long increase risk of developing attention deficit disorders.

6. Avoid keeping computers, laptops, tablets or other electronic gadgets close to the bed. Keep them at least two meters away from the bed, switch and power them off while sleeping. To minimise the impact, place them in a wooden cabinet.

7. Avoid charging cell phones near the bed while sleeping.

8. In office, if your work is not on TV, avoid watching while working. In case, the TV needs to be in your office even as your work, keep a small cactus plant besides it. Cactus helps in reducing electromagnetic radiations.