Industrial Projects

We offer guidance in the planning of new industries, expansion in existing facilities, improving energy levels in existing setup and energizing sick units.

Corporate Projects

In keeping with the image of the organization, we assist with the planning and revamp of offices, executive residences, and company guest houses.

Residential Projects

We excel in the creation, maintenance and rectification of energy of high rise buildings, villas, apartments, residential plots, and farm houses.

Commercial Projects

Such projects require a clear understanding of several aspects besides those of Vastu and Feng Shui, as they involve large spaces that are subjected to the movement of high numbers of people.

Here we assist in the design and planning of retail outlets, restaurants and food courts, hotels, malls and supermarkets, as well as petrol pumps.

Large Scale Projects

Working in conjunction with developers and investors, we consult on creating masterplans, airports…


We create harmonious spaces that enhance your productivity & prosperity: at home, work or play.