Vastu is a traditional theory of architecture consisting of guidelines for building design, which are useful to individuals and society.

It takes care of the health and happiness of those living in the building, using the art of balancing and harmonizing the flow of natural energies in the surroundings to create beneficial effects for all.


Like PyraVastu, Feng Shui too is a study and analysis of the movement of energy. Energy is invisible but it exists and is the life force that powers all actions.

From the internal workings of a body to the dynamics of a property, it influences everything much like nature does, where rivers follow the patterns of the landscape.


Using a combination of PyraVastu and Feng Shui, we eliminate the guesswork and work with our clients towards increasing the positive energy of the property.

Our clients are corporates, industries and individuals, including architects, interior designers and engineers who work with us on a variety of projects.


As Metaphysics Consultants who offer a blend of Vastu, PyraVastu & Feng Shui, we are truly unique. We employ a variety of scientific tools, techniques and training acquired through years of rigorous study and our credentials are from reputed international institutions. We undertake a  focused and practical approach, offering our clients design solutions customized to their specific needs instead of using fixed “one size fits all” templates.

Our zeal is to provide the best services to all our clients. Attention to detail, efficiency, economy, innovative and functional techniques are among the hallmarks of our projects. We use diverse styles to evaluate a project and create the right strategy to bring in balance in an environment. We simultaneously meet extremely complex, functional and technical challenges while adding value to clients' properties.

We dissolve the confusion our clients are experiencing and replace it instead, with clarity and precision. We believe in informing and increasing their awareness of the factors impeding their lives. Only then do we proceed to remove these factors for their betterment.

Reach out now and allow us to use our knowledge, skills, and expertise in helping you achieve balance. Explore the world of #VastuForConsciousness that is designed for the betterment of humanity.



We create harmonious spaces that enhance your productivity and prosperity: at home, work or play.

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